29th Annual Mahaska Whitley High School Art and Senior Portfolio Competition

Posted on Mar 3, 2016 in Education, Exhibits


29th Annual Mahaska Whitley High School Art and Senior Portfolio Competition

March 4th – 26th

Opening Reception, March 4, 6 to 9 PM


2016 Scholarship List


1st Place Senior Portfolio

Erin Lee, Gant, Leon

2nd Place Senior Portfolio

Miranda Brown, Into the Woods, FSUS

3rd Place Senior Portfolio

Prachi Kapur, Girl with Lion, Chiles

Honorable Mention B&W Photography

Jacob Wiard, The Process, SAIL

Honorable Mention Scholarship

Mathilda Jensen, Ethereal Magic of Unended Time, FSUS
Alexis Campbell, Artemis in the Moonlight, Home School
Parker Atkinson, The Mechanics of Nature, SAIL
Taylor Mason, Part Human, SAIL
Cailee Geddis, Underlying Features, FSUS

General Artist Award

Heidi Mims, Brice, SAIL
Zoe Brigham, J. Joplin, Maclay
Delaney Davis, Raincoat, Raindrop, Rainfall, Leon
Clayton Henderson, Branch, Lincoln
Elisabet Wackes, Sapphire, Lincoln
Luke Nolting, Listen to the Wind blowing through the Trees, FSUS
Madison Sutherland, Coloring, Conceptual, Colorful, Concepts Drawing, Leon
Paris Fleck, Island Girl (3/3), Godby
Jacara Terry, Untitled, FSUS
Zachary Jackson, Tale, Chiles

Mahaska Whitley Emerging Artist Award

Sean Furguson, Expectations of an Ancient Forest, SAIL
Daylon Jones, Twin Lakes, SAIL
Lily Adams, Turtle Love, Leon
Rachel Smith, Max the Dog, Chiles
Erin Polivka, Untitled, Chiles


IMG_20160305_145224 IMG_20160305_144851 IMG_20160305_144919 IMG_20160305_145353
 IMG_20160309_101816  IMG_20160309_101810  IMG_20160309_101803  IMG_20160309_101756
 IMG_20160309_101753  IMG_20160305_145518  IMG_20160305_145506  IMG_20160305_145502
 IMG_20160305_145446  IMG_20160305_145428  IMG_20160305_145417  IMG_20160305_145411
 IMG_20160305_145337  IMG_20160305_145346  IMG_20160305_145332  IMG_20160305_145326
 IMG_20160305_145316  IMG_20160305_145300  IMG_20160305_145251  IMG_20160305_145244
 IMG_20160305_145237  IMG_20160305_145218  IMG_20160305_145206  IMG_20160305_145151
 IMG_20160305_145143  IMG_20160305_145131  IMG_20160305_145122  IMG_20160305_145115
 IMG_20160305_145103  IMG_20160305_145055  IMG_20160305_145037  IMG_20160305_145029
 IMG_20160305_145015  IMG_20160305_144959  IMG_20160305_144954  IMG_20160305_144925


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