27th Annual Mahaska Whitley Student Exhibiton


27th Annual Mahaska Whitley Student Exhibition: High School Art & Senior Portfolio Competition

March 7th – 29th ● Opening Reception March 7th, 6 to 9 PM ● Awards Presentation 6:30 PM, Helen Lind Sculpture Garden




1st Place Senior Portfolio

Brady Robshaw, Untitled, FSUS

2nd Place Senior Portfolio

Spencer Cason, Raise your Words, Leon

3rd Place Senior Portfolio

Andrea Fabbrizzi, Restrained, SAIL

Honorable Mention Scholarship

Ashley Moore, Oscar, SAIL

Kelly Rasmussen, Life, Chiles

Jack Kiwala, Greek Study, SAIL

Seana Heiman, Surge, Chiles

Raz White, Self Portrait as Trayvon, Rickards

Linda Van Beck Photography Award

Emily McClellan, How Sweet the Sound, FSUS

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General Artist Award

Carrie Abbey, Grapevine, SAIL

Caitlyn Montague, Home Wrecker, Lincoln

Yan-Jen Lo, Modern Slavery, Chiles

Eliza Roberts, Beneath the shell is a substance within, Leon

Samuel Merrick, Parallel, SAIL

Torrey Kiele, Giant Dragon, Lincoln

Victoria Vuong, Future Smile, Chiles

Emma Wharton, Sunrise Memories, SAIL

Katie O’Hara, Untitled, Chiles

Andrew Westbrook, Crater Lake, SAIL

Mahaska Whitley Emerging Artist Award

Tyler Carrell, Resemblance, Chiles

Annerice Heerma, Coin, SAIL

May Caito, Innevitability, Lincoln

Tara Whiddon, Catching the wave, FSUS

Zachary Jackson, The Three, Chiles



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