26th Annual Mahaska Whitley Student Exhibition of

High School Art & Senior Portfolio Competition


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Dr. Ron Yrabedra

Professor Emeritus Florida A& M University

Aja Roache

Gallery Coordinator at Florida A&M University’s Foster-Tanner Fine Arts Gallery

Natalia Andreeva

Professional Artist

Participating Art Teachers & Schools

Julie Childers, Chiles
Leslie Cohen, Chiles
Kelly Little, Chiles
Debra Barrett-Hayes, FSUS
Barbara Davis, FSUS
Michelle Hartsfield, FSUS
Ruth Mattson, Godby
Emily Hodges, Leon
Sarah Raulerson, Leon
Marilyn Proctor-Givens, Lincoln
Shannon Takacs, Lincoln
Cathy Hathaway, Maclay
Jeff Distefano, Rickards
Virginia Milne, Rickards
Carucha Bowles, Sail
Sheri Nilles, Sail
Becki Rutta, Sail


Allen & D’Ann Mosler
Ben Bivins & Elece Harrison
Betsy & Larry Fuchs
Capital City Bank
Caroline Hudson
Charles McElroy
Charles & Cynthia Tunnicliff
Colleen Castille & Jessie Bostick
Debby Brienen
Douglas Sherman
Earth Fare
Gail & Ron Hock
GFWC Tallahassee Junior Women’s League
Jim and Martha Beasley
Judy Crews
Lisa Miller & Associates
Mad Dog Construction
Marpan Supply
Mary Carol Kaney
Mary Jo & Alan Spector
Mayda Williams
Nancy E. Bivins
Neil & Suzanne Laws
Patsy Zehmer
Saed & Lila Jaber
Savannah College of Art & Design
Tallahassee Junior Women’s Club
Uptown Café
Virginia & Earle Perkins
Wilma B. Lauder

2013 Scholarship Awards


1st Place Senior Portfolio

Mattie Robertson, The Dream of the Trap, Chiles

2nd Place Senior Portfolio

Savannah Jones, Firefly, Chiles

3rd Place Senior Portfolio

Larkin Keys, Woods Road, SAIL

Honorable Mention Scholarship

Siran Zhang, Glider, Chiles
Alicia Ten, Polycyttaria, Acanthoplracta, Phaeodaria, SAIL
Alpha Barnes, Self, Chiles
Rebecca Wiegand, Angelic Immortal, Chiles
Adriana Torres,The Loney Eyes of a Two-Faced Prisoner, FSUS

Award of Merit

Billy Perry, Mind Over Power, Leon
Andi Taylor, Childhood’s Hour, Leon
Sasha Deterding, 1818, SAIL
Jessica Milam, Growing Blood Red Flowers, FSUS
Becky O’Brian, Dear Sloth…time awaits!, FSUS
Sarah Walker, No Peace, Know War, Leon
Taylor Cordick, Red, Lincoln
Sara Grayce Cowart, Untitled, FSUS
Alex Streukens, Untitled, FSUS
Jennifer Merrick, An Epic of the Mind, SAIL

Mahaska Whitley Emerging Artist Award

Ashley Moore, Homo Piscis, SAIL
Gabrielle Adams, First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes the Baby…, Leon
Winston Lee III, The American, Leon
Louie Andris, Mechanical Enigma, Chiles
Shelby Mantay, Linear Smirk, SAIL