George Milton

George Milton head shot

George Milton
By Kathaleen Boche


Born in Marianna, Florida, on July 11, 1918, George Merritt Milton discovered his love of art at an early age. Milton’s kindergarten teacher encouraged him to develop his artistic talent; later, as a mature artist, he honored her through a series of interpretations of the Dutch Masters, rendered in wax colored crayon. Milton‟s childhood inspired many of his later works. He grew up in a house along Silk Stocking Row “in a genteel setting of career housewives, manicured lawns and servant staffs.” A direct descendent of John Milton, Florida governor during the Civil War, Milton’s southern upbringing influenced him, but did not completely define him. He enjoyed exploring other cultures and historical periods, finding inspiration in his travels and research. Artist, professor, art historian, southern gentleman, and wit, Milton is one of the primary artists featured in the permanent collection of the LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts.


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