Hiram Williams


Hiram Williams
By Kathaleen Boche


Born February 11, 1917 in Indianapolis, Indiana, artist Hiram Williams grew up in Pennsylvania and took art classes at the WPA during the Depression. Combat experience during World War II greatly shaped Williams’s life and art. Drafted in 1942, he became a Captain in George Patton’s Third Army. After returning from the war, he received his M.Ed. from Pennsylvania State University.


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Hiram-Williams-Still-Life-with-Table-1978-1445-Image-9227 Hiram-Williams-Swimming-Alligator-1993-large-3910-Image-9253 Hiram-Williams-Gray-Highway-untitled-1967-1754-Image-9220 Nittany-Mountain-1992-3807-Image-9231 Hiram-Williams-Palm-with-Umber-1991-3656-Image-9214

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